In the hobby gaming industry, it caused something of a ruckus, a promising Kickstarter project for a board game was canceled after long delays, despite being successfully funded. “The Doom That Came To Atlantic City” has become a cautionary tale for board games on Kickstarter and those who want to enter the industry.

Lets start at the beginning. Lee Moyer is an artist who has worked on film posters, comicbooks, and roleplaying games, including D&D 4th edition and 13th Age. For Doom, Moyer did more than the art and design, he dreamt up the concept. Moyer said, “I came up with the initial idea fooling around with friends some 20 years ago. Originally, it was about saving Atlantic City from Lovecraftian Elder Gods. I developed a series of assets but was never happy with the game design.”

Years later, Moyer decided to try again with Doom, with some help from his friend Keith Baker. “After Lee and I became friends, he showed me the game and challenged me to come up with a better design,” said Baker. “We went through a variety of design shifts; the most critical change was the realization that it was more fun to destroy the city than save it. We went through three major redesigns between 2004 and 2010, until we finally ended up with one we were happy with.”

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