About Me

Kevin Ohannessian is a freelance editor and writer covering the game industry. With a focus on the creativity and business of gaming, he's always up for a good interview or an intriguing feature.

Kevin is the former associate editor for FastCompany.com, the website from business magazine Fast Company. There, beyond covering the game industry with a variety of news, interviews, and features, Kevin also performed a myriad of other editorial tasks: He managed the Leadership section for 2 years, including editing and copyediting freelancers and contributors. He has also led various other editorial projects including Leadership Hall of Fame, Fast Talk, and Change Generation. He managed and produced the various daily and weekly newsletters, as well as various other editorial spotlights. Kevin also headed up countless online launches of the magazine, including many years of special editions such as Most Innovative Companies, Most Creative People, and Masters of Design. Kevin was with Fast Company over 7 years before he became a freelancer.

Kevin Ohannessian is also a life-long fan of literature, science fiction, horror, and fantasy, as well as all things geeky--from books and comics, to film and television, to board games and RPGs, to collectibles and video games. He lives in Brooklyn, New York with his wife.

* Research and interview assistance provided by Kay Chan.


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